Notification: Monetary Policy Statement 2015 is now available
  • Public notification on CIB regulation

    This is to inform the general public that Credit Information Bureau Regulations, 2015 has been approved by the RMA Board on 6th March 2015 and is hosted in RMA website under Laws and Regulation for your kind reference.

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  • Re-introduction of housing & vehicle loans.

    This is to inform the general public that the RMA will lift the ban imposed on Housing and Vehicle loans with effect from 1st September 2014. The policy ban of March 2012, although unconventional in nature, was inevitable and had to be implemented by the RMA given the severe macroeconomic imbalances the country faced during the time.

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  • Public Notification On Securities Brokerage Business License

    This is to notify the interested persons/firms that the RMA is accepting application for the securities brokerage business license under the Securities Brokers regulation 2011. A copy of regulation is available on our website at

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  • Public Notification On Draft Guidelines

    This is to notify the public and the Financial Institutions to STRICTLY refrain from providing preliminary comments to the media on the draft guidelines hosted on the RMA website prior to the finalization of the same by the RMA through its consultative process. This is to ensure that the public and other stakeholders are not misguided and misinformed by the comments which may not be substantiated by the facts and figures.

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  • MoU signed with Bangladesh FIU and Korea FIU

    The Financial Intelligence Unit of Bhutan (FIUB) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) and the Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU) concerning cooperation in the exchange of financial intelligence relating to money laundering, associated predicate offences and terrorist financing on 17th July 2014 in Macau, China.

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Exchange Rate

Currency Buy Sell
USD 65.15 67.30
GBP 99.55 102.30
EUR 73.15 75.15
JPY(100) 54.10 55.65


Gold & Silver Rates

Particulars Unit Rate
Gold 10 gm 27,882.26
Silver 1 kg 35,696.00
Royal Wedding Note Album Piece(s) 150.00
Gold Sertum 5 (39.94 grams) Piece(s) 151,156.00
25th Coronation Cuppro Nickel Coin Piece(s) 500.00
Fifth King Coronation Gold Coin Piece(s) 115,677.00
25th Coronation Gold Coins Piece(s) 116,752.00