About us

The Financial Inclusion Secretariat(FIS), placed under the Governor’s office at RMA is responsible to spearhead and coordinate all national level financial inclusion and literacy initiatives. The FIS oversees implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) 2018-2023, the National Financial Literacy Strategy (NFLS) 2018-2023 and the Financial Inclusion National Action Plan (FINAP) 2019-2023.

Sub-divisions/Units Under FIS

Strategy Development & coordination Unit

  • Overall Implementation and reporting of NFIS and NFLS Strategy Framework
  • Management of the FINAP Project Development Fund
  • Exploring and developing new regulatory requirements
  • Reviewing strategies and provide interventions to the strategy objectives
  • Preparing annual reports
  • Engaging key stakeholders and coordinating the Financial Inclusion forums
  • Providing best practices and knowledge based support
  • Creating opportunities for capacity building

Research & Data Management Unit

  • Overall management of the Financial Inclusion Database system
  • Overall technical management of the website and social media pages
  • Collecting comprehensive data from relevant stakeholders towards publishing the annual state of financial inclusion reports
  • Develop IT infrastructures related to projects and programs under the FIS
  • Analyzing data with defined targets groups
  • Conducting research and surveys and preparation of knowledge product reports
  • Develop measurement tools for financial capabilities and conduct demand side surveys

Curriculum, Project & Program Unit

  • Develop and implement Financial Literacy curriculums
  • Implementing targeted programs related to Financial Literacy
  • Engaging key stakeholders for FL programs
  • Evaluation of programs
  • Produce relevant reports of achievements
  • Developing financial literacy manuals, resources and materials for target groups
  • Contributing resources to the social media pages

Administrative, communication and monitoring unit

  • All administrative and logistic work of the FIS
  • Effective communication to internal and external stakeholders including media units
  • Facilitate annual audit where relevant
  • Perform monitoring exercises where relevant
  • Manage budget and procurements

NFIS Governance Group

As articulated under the National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2018-2023, the following governance groups are hereby set up for effective formulation and implementation of the NFIS Action Plan(AP) 2018-2023:

  1. NFIS Steering Committee (SC), and
  2. NFIS Working Group (WG)
    1. Products and Channel (PC) WG
    2. Consumer Empowerment and Financial Literacy (CEFL) WG

The representation of the NFIS governance groups shall be based on inclusive cross-sectoral member representations from the Financial Service Providers (FSPs) such as banks, non-banks and MFIs. Relevant government agencies shall also represent as an inclusive NFIS governance members based on the applicable strategic actions reflected under the NFIS AP 2018-2023.