Personal Information

I’m Namgay Tenzin from Punakha, graduated from Ugyen Academy, a scholarship recipient and studied at RTC in the field of Economics and Environmental Science. My personal interest ranges from carpentry, mechanics, painting and web designing to cooking and public services. Serving the public and bringing changes to myself and the community brings me the utmost happiness.


Business Profile

Paysap is a Public Fin-Tech Start-Up aiming to sell public services and build a payment systems by firstly serving the public in many aspects of ticketing, couriering, helping represent our partnered clients and being their agent we mutually help each other, the public earn their Good Will Point and a big base is currently being created to prepare our self for the Fin-Tech world. We have an online bus booking platform and the cashier login system, custom deigned to suit our needs. We operate the Public Utility Booth (PUB ) which serves the Public in the busy areas from all walks of life, irrespective of where they are, or whether they’ve a phone or not or a bank account or not. Paysap was a long dream and a lot of research, travelling throughout the country- the business model was designed based on our Bhutanese consumer habits, our technological and Logistics systems the start-up came to life on 2019 December. We believe, it’s one of the few start-ups in Bhutan that is world unique, have the vision and strategy to expand abroad, at least in the neighbouring Indian States of Sikkim, Arunachal and in Nepal.

Few flagships of the Start-up are R2-Reuse Recycle, Donate Dot and the Public Utility Booth.