Mineral Pigment Production Company

Personal Background

Founder Rinzin Dorjee hails from Kurtoe Khoma. After completion of High School from Lhuentse, in the year 2004 he has joined Trashi Yangtse Zorig Institute and completed the diploma in traditional painting with distinction in 2009. Right after completion of the training, he has been working with numerous art masters in the country. In the year 2017, he has formed a team to carry out R&D on mineral pigment production and established a company in the year 2019. 

Business Background

Mineral Pigment Production is a pigment production company located at Taba, Thimphu. The company was established in the year 2017. After completion of six years training in traditional painting In Trashi Yangtse Zorig Institute, he has been working for 7 years in the painting field in and around the country. During the course of working in the field, he has seen huge scope in producing mineral pigment and its market within and outside Bhutan.

The key focus of the company is to produce rock pigment within the country and make the products available to Zorig institutes and artists of the country – to curtail the imports of the chemical color in the country

Vision To become the first ever company in producing mineral pigment (rock) production in the country.

Mission- To promote locally produces products (rock pigment) and employment opportunities and   income generation for youths & communities.