Name: Tashi Wangdi

Qualification: Bachelor of Computer Application

Business: Business Consultation and Co-working

Personal Profile:

Having worked with government, aboard and in private sector has given me a life changing experience, witnessing a strong need of economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship. Since then a deep and constant thinking in role play and value positioning of youth in Thimphu. Hence I take on entrepreneurship journey with 3 startups founded since 2016, raised fund but failed to exit successfully. 4 years’ work and startup and global development experience in emerging market aspires me to be an influencer and young leader in global market.

Business Profile

iHub Co-Work is the solution to the mobile worker’s dilemma, providing an attractive shared environment optimized for the mobile professional and work team. iHub Co-Work appeals to a wide market—from software development and design teams to entrepreneurs and researchers.  It provides a flexible work environment offering clients communal and private spaces with secure, hi-speed wifi, accessibility 24/7, parking, and business options such as conference rooms, whiteboards, printers, scanners, and damn good coffee.