Aside from circulation coins, the RMA also issues commemorative coins which are also legal tender. Commemorative coins are produced in limited quantities and are issued to commemorate special events or persons and also to cater to the collectors.

Commerative coins available in Bhutan:

SL. No. Particulars
1 Gold Sertum 5,2,1 (63.90 grams)
2 Gold Sertum 5 (39.94 grams)
3 Royal Wedding Silver Coin
4 25th Coronation Gold Coins
5 Fifth King Coronation Gold Coin
6 25th Coronation Cuppro Nickel Coin
7 60th Birth Anniversary of Fourth King Silver Coins
8 The Four Harmonious Friends Gold Proof (0.50 grams)
9 The Four Harmonious Friends Silver Proof (124.40 grams)
10 The Four Harmonious Friends Silver Proof (31.10 grams)

Commerative coins in International market: The Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan also issues the international Commemoratives Coins in collaboration with the international Mint companies to Commemorate important ones on a Limited edition. At the moment, RMA has working relation with two mint companies:

  1. World Coin Association (WCA) and MDM, Germany , and (Click on the link to view the coins)
  2. Singapore Mint, Singapore.(Details can be found from the Singapore Mint website