Call for Tenders for Government Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills of Nu. 8,000.00 million in the name of the Royal Government of Bhutan is offered for sale. The Bills shall be auctioned under Multi-price Method and issued through the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan.

Submission of Tenders : Tenders must be submitted using Bhutan T-Bills System not later than 9:30 AM on NOVEMBER 02, 2021 and tenders shall be irrevocable after submission.

Treasury Bills No. R 345 R 346
Auction/Settlement Date November 2, 2021 NOVEMBER 02, 2021
Days to Maturity 98 63
Maturity Date/Settlement Date FEBRUARY 8, 2022 JANUARY 04, 2022
Amount Nu. 3,000.00 million Nu. 5,000.00 million

Eligibility : Any Bhutanese persons including firms, companies, corporate bodies, financial institutions, trusts etc. can subscribe the Bills.

Bids must be stated in multiples of Nu. 10,000.00 and must be for a minimum of Nu. 100,000,000.00

The RMA will have the full discretion to accept or reject any or all the bids either wholly or partially,without assigning any reason.