Social Forestry Day & Social Hours

RMA participates in the occasion of the Social Forestry Day by planting more than 2000 tree saplings on the slopes above Samarzingkha. The RMA Social Club,  an initiative of the RMA`s Governor,  Dasho Penjore formed on March 2016,  aligned with its objective of taking the organization beyond its regular economic roles and to promote social integration,  formed a group of 43 members to participate on the Social Forestry Day.


The Day was special not only with the fact that it was the first time RMA has participated in such an event, but the social club also implemented Social Hours,  a digital currency valued by time for crediting social volunteers. The Social Hours was developed by a German Software Engineer,  Mr. Nikolas Martens in collaboration with the RMA IT staff. All 43 members were credited with 3 hours of Social Hours Coin at the end of the event  For more information on Social Hours please visit