Launch of Druk MicroFin an integrated MFI and CSI banking platform

The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) is pleased to announce the launch of Druk MicroFin, in collaboration with the Microfinance Institutions (MFIs). Druk MicroFin is an integrated core banking system hosted at the RMA for the MFIs and the CSI banks to access and leverage to their advantage in all parts of the value chain—from the head offices to the branches, the field offices, and the clients. The system is enabled end-to-end with a handheld micro ATMs and Mobile Banking delivery channels in real-time to increase access to, and delivery of financial services, particularly in reaching at remote areas that are underbanked and underserved by mainstream financial services and products.


The integrated system was implemented by the RMA with the view to reduce cost and resource burden to the MFIs and the CSI, given their relatively small- and medium-sized businesses. The system—developed at the cost of 10.32 Million with the Maximus Infoware (India) Pvt. Ltd.—is an important priority of the Authority’s objective of broadening access to credit where MFIs and CSI play a crucial role in financial inclusion, by empowering people to use access to financial services for productive purposes.


Currently, the Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAOWE) is the first MFI to adopt the system with complete clients’ data. Likewise, the Authority encourages the MFIs and the CSI banks to use this system. The system is expected to lay down strong foundation and catalyze the evolution of MFI and CSI sectors through enhanced operational efficiency and increased productivity.


The Hon’ble Minister of the Ministry of Finance graced the event, which was attended by the senior officials from the government and the financial institutions.