The Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan (RMA) would like to notify the general public that the RMA have noticed few people sharing video clips on the suspect banknotes, circulating counterfeit Ngultrum banknotes and reproducing banknotes of small denomination and coins as souvenir items for sale. These actions are in violation to Section 95 and 96 of Royal Monetary Authority Act of Bhutan 2010 and shall be liable, upon conviction in a court of law to an appropriate penalty according to the Section 101 of the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan Act 2010.>

In this regard, general public are requested to be vigilant while handling the cash and kindly AVOID spreading of fake news about the counterfeit Ngultrum banknotes, sharing of video clips on suspect banknotes on the social media unless the banknotes are confirmed as counterfeit by RMA and also refrain from reproducing banknotes and coins as souvenir items.

In order for the general public to have a better understanding and identifying the genuineness of Ngultrum banknotes, you may view audio-visual clips hosted under Advocacy video on homepage and commercial bank`s website or contact Department of Currency Management, RMA at 323110.