KUEN-Phen Financing

RMA has launched KUEN-Phen Financing to enable innovative access to inclusive finance for greater socio-economic impact.

An opportunity to transform lives! Going live w.e.f. 16th August 2021.

Kuen-Phen is a not-for-profit undertaking spearheaded by the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) in collaboration with the Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan (RSEBL) and Bhutan Care Credit Limited (BCCL) that will raise funds through an innovative mix of crowd sourcing and bridge financing.

The initiative is geared towards providing an inclusive financing platform and opportunities for the vulnerable and marginalized segments to engage in meaningful economic activities for livelihood enhancement.

KUEN-Phen will provide grants and loans that are interest guarantor and collateral free. Funds sourced through the crowd will be used through a re-lending framework to help more beneficiaries. The initial funds for the bridge financing will be provided through a Revolving Fund set up by the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan.

To create this opportunity to transform numerous lives KUEN-Phen financing in itself is a micro-business facilitation package offering additional pre and post mentoring and monitoring supports.

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Kuenphen Financing

Support to transform lives! Small contribution can make a difference in people`s lives!

Stay tuned for the 30 days live campaigns on Kuen-Phen!