Auction Result

RMA is pleased to announce auction result of the 10-Year Government bond of Nu. 3000,000,000, which was offered for bid to the public from 21-31 January 2022.

Bond Series RGoB003
No. of Bidders 15
o/w Financial institutions 6
o/w Non-financial institution 0
o/w Individuals 9
Total Bids Received (Nu.) 9,500,595,000
Total bid accepted and allotted (Nu.) 3,000,000,000
Bid-to-Cover Ratio 3.17
Cut-off Rate 3.49%
Median quoted rate* 5.00%
Lowest quoted rate 3.36%
Highest quoted rate* 10.80%

*The rates of two bidders who had quoted 1000% were discarded for calculating the median and highest quoted rate.

Click here to download Auction Result- RGOB003

Executive Director
Department of Banking