Bhutan Inter-Bank Real Time (BIRT) – Fund Transfer System


5th February, 2022



The Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan would like to inform the general public that the existing GIFT System – a system that facilities inter-bank real time fund transfer shall henceforth be known a "Bhutan Inter-Bank Real Time (BIRT) – Fund Transfer System".


BIRT -Fund Transfer System facilitates three types of payment services viz. RTGS, BITS, and BULK and these services are available at all bank branches across Bhutan. While RTGS is for large value fund transfer above Nu. 1 million, BITS is for fund transfer below Nu. 1 million, and BULK is for multiple fund transfer from single account such as salaries, pensions, loans, etc. 


Presently, there are forty-four entities including MoF(e-PEMs) that have made institutional arrangements for efficient disbursement of interbank payments including salaries, loans, pensions, and other recurring payments electronically through their sponsor bankThe RMA encourages all persons including entities to subscribe to the services through your sponsor bank. For assistance, contact Department of Payment and Settlement Systems, RMA #335140.