Re-introduction of housing & vehicle loans.

This is to inform the general public that the RMA will lift the ban imposed on Housing and Vehicle loans with effect from 1st September 2014. The policy ban of March 2012, although unconventional in nature, was inevitable and had to be implemented by the RMA given the severe macroeconomic imbalances the country faced during the time.

This policy normalization has been a yearlong process of extensive planning, preparation and consultation by the RMA, which was approved by the RMA Board during its 98th Board meeting.

Further, along with the Housing and Vehicle loans guidelines, Consumer loans guidelines have also been issued as a pre-emptive measure by the RMA to mitigate systemic risk that could arise from potential build-up of risks particularly in these sectors.

However, with the reintroduction of these Guidelines, we would strongly advise all FIs (Lenders) to lend responsively and all Borrowers to borrow responsibly.


The links to the guidelines are given below for download. For further information or clarifications contact the following officials:

Ms. Eden Dema
Deputy Governor

Mr.Ugyen Tshering
Examining Officer


Download Links:

Guidelines on Housing Loan
Guidelines on Motor Vehicle Loan
Guideline on Consumer Loans