A Trusted, Progressive and Resilient Central Bank

The vision of RMA is to be a trusted, progressive and resilient central bank for driving Bhutan's economic transformation and ensuring its sustainability based on the foundations of a just, equal and harmonious society.


Drawing from the RMA Act 2010, the following are the missions of RMA:

Reinforcing stable and inclusive economic growth

Maintainingstability and integrity of the financial system

Advancing innovative financial services and technology


RMA is committed to uphold and practice the following SMART principles espoused by His Majesty the King as core values:

Sincere - We will serve our customers and stakeholders with sincerity, integrity and professionalism

Mindful - We will be mindful of our greater social responsibilities and strive to give back to the society and the nation

Astute - We will be astute and shall use our ingenuity to deliver innovative and effective financial services

Resilient - We will be resilient and be prepared to withstand the shocks and risks in the financial sector

Timeless - We will imbibe timeless Bhutanese values and code of conduct in delivering financial services that are relevant to the evolving technology and needs of our people.