Treasury Bills Auction Calendar for FY 2021-2022

Auction of the Treasury Bills during the FY 2022-23 shall be held monthly on first Tuesday following the first Monday of the month. If the scheduled auction date falls on the Government holiday, it will be held on the following Tuesday. The auction of Treasury Bills as notified shall be effective from August 2022 until June 2023.

Discount Bill No Duration Auction Settlement Maturity Remarks
No. of Days Days Date Days Date Days Date
R 345 98 TUESDAY 02-NOV-2021 TUESDAY 08-FEB-2022 TUESDAY 08-FEB-2022
R 346 63 TUESDAY 02-NOV-2021 TUESDAY 04-JAN-2022 TUESDAY 04-JAN-2022
R 343 63 TUESDAY 05-OCT-2021 TUESDAY 07-DEC-2021 TUESDAY 07-DEC-2021
R 344 28 TUESDAY 05-OCT-2021 TUESDAY 02-NOV-2021 TUESDAY 02-NOV-2021
R 342 28 TUESDAY 07-SEP-2021 TUESDAY 05-OCT-2021 TUESDAY 05-OCT-2021
R 340 91 TUESDAY 07-SEP-2021 TUESDAY 07-DEC-2021 TUESDAY 07-DEC-2021
R 341 56 TUESDAY 07-SEP-2021 TUESDAY 02-NOV-2021 TUESDAY 02-NOV-2021
R 339 63 TUESDAY 03-AUG-2021 TUESDAY 05-OCT-2021 TUESDAY 05-OCT-2021
R 338 35 TUESDAY 03-AUG-2021 TUESDAY 07-SEP-2021 TUESDAY 07-SEP-2021
R 337 34 WEDNESDAY 30-JUN-2021 TUESDAY 03-AUG-2021 TUESDAY 03-AUG-2021
R 336 15 TUESDAY 15-JUN-2021 WEDNESDAY 30-JUN-2021 WEDNESDAY 30-JUN-2021
R 335 91 TUESDAY 08-JUN-2021 TUESDAY 07-SEP-2021 TUESDAY 07-SEP-2021
R 334 35 TUESDAY 04-MAY-2021 TUESDAY 08-JUN-2021 TUESDAY 08-JUN-2021 T bills
R 333 28 TUESDAY 06-APR-2021 TUESDAY 04-MAY-2021 TUESDAY 04-MAY-2021
R331 35 TUESDAY 02-MAR-2021 TUESDAY 06-APR-2021 TUESDAY 06-APR-2021
R332 98 TUESDAY 02-MAR-2021 TUESDAY 08-JUN-2021 TUESDAY 08-JUN-2021
R 330 28 TUESDAY 02-FEB-2021 TUESDAY 02-MAR-2021
R 329 28 TUESDAY 05-JAN-2021 TUESDAY 02-FEB-2021
R 328 91 TUESDAY 01-DEC-2020 TUESDAY 02-MAR-2021 TUESDAY 02-MAR-2021 T bills
R 327 28 TUESDAY 03-NOV-2020 TUESDAY 01-DEC-2020 TUESDAY 01-DEC-2020
R 326 28 TUESDAY 06-OCT-2020 TUESDAY 03-NOV-2020
R 325 28 TUESDAY 08-SEP-2020 TUESDAY 06-OCT-2020 TUESDAY 06-OCT-2020
R 324 90 THURSDAY 27-AUG-2020 TUESDAY 27-OCT-2020 TUESDAY 27-OCT-2020
R324 90 THURSDAY 27-AUG-2020 WEDNESDAY 25-NOV-2020 WEDNESDAY 25-NOV-2020
R323 35 TUESDAY 04-AUG-2020 TUESDAY 08-SEP-2020 TUESDAY 08-SEP-2020
R 322 41 WEDNESDAY 24-JUN-2020 TUESDAY 04-AUG-2020
R 321 22 TUESDAY 02-JUN-2020 WEDNESDAY 24-JUN-2020 WEDNESDAY 24-JUN-2020
R 320 28 TUESDAY 05-MAY-2020 TUESDAY 02-JUN-2020
R319 28 TUESDAY 07-APR-2020 TUESDAY 05-MAY-2020
R 318 35 TUESDAY 03-MAR-2020 TUESDAY 07-APR-2020 TUESDAY 07-APR-2020
R 317 28 TUESDAY 04-FEB-2020 TUESDAY 03-MAR-2020
R316 28 TUESDAY 07-JAN-2020 TUESDAY 04-FEB-2020
R 315 35 TUESDAY 03-DEC-2019 TUESDAY 07-JAN-2020
R 314 28 TUESDAY 05-NOV-2019 TUESDAY 03-DEC-2019
R 313 21 TUESDAY 15-OCT-2019 TUESDAY 05-NOV-2019
R 312 42 TUESDAY 03-SEP-2019 THURSDAY 10-OCT-2019
R311 28 TUESDAY 06-AUG-2019 TUESDAY 03-SEP-2019 TUESDAY 03-SEP-2019
R 310 40 THURSDAY 27-JUN-2019 TUESDAY 06-AUG-2019
R 309 63 TUESDAY 04-JUN-2019 TUESDAY 06-AUG-2019
R 308 51 TUESDAY 07-MAY-2019 THURSDAY 27-JUN-2019
R307 63 TUESDAY 02-APR-2019 TUESDAY 04-JUN-2019
R 306 63 TUESDAY 05-MAR-2019 TUESDAY 07-MAY-2019
R 305 54 THURSDAY 07-FEB-2019 TUESDAY 02-APR-2019 TUESDAY 02-APR-2019
R 304 56 TUESDAY 08-JAN-2019 TUESDAY 05-MAR-2019
R303 64 TUESDAY 04-DEC-2018 WEDNESDAY 06-FEB-2019
R302 64 TUESDAY 06-NOV-2018 TUESDAY 08-JAN-2019
R301 63 TUESDAY 02-OCT-2018 TUESDAY 04-DEC-2018
R 250 60 MONDAY 29-FEB-2016 MONDAY 29-FEB-2016 FRIDAY 29-APR-2016 2.5 billion
R249 61 WEDNESDAY 06-JAN-2016 MONDAY 07-MAR-2016 MONDAY 07-MAR-2016
248 90 FRIDAY 13-NOV-2015 FRIDAY 13-NOV-2015 THURSDAY 11-FEB-2016 Nu. 2.5 billion
123 11 MONDAY 02-APR-2012 TUESDAY 03-APR-2012 WEDNESDAY 04-APR-2012
R 184 30 TUESDAY 08-SEP-2009 WEDNESDAY 09-SEP-2009 FRIDAY 09-OCT-2009
R 183 90 THURSDAY 04-JUN-2009 FRIDAY 05-JUN-2009 THURSDAY 03-SEP-2009
R 182 90 TUESDAY 14-APR-2009 WEDNESDAY 15-APR-2009 TUESDAY 14-JUL-2009
R 181 90 THURSDAY 08-JAN-2009 FRIDAY 09-JAN-2009 THURSDAY 09-APR-2009
R180 91 TUESDAY 25-NOV-2008 WEDNESDAY 26-NOV-2008 WEDNESDAY 25-FEB-2009 matured
R179 90 THURSDAY 25-SEP-2008 FRIDAY 26-SEP-2008 THURSDAY 25-DEC-2008 matured
R178 90 THURSDAY 14-AUG-2008 FRIDAY 15-AUG-2008 THURSDAY 13-NOV-2008
R177 90 THURSDAY 24-JUL-2008 FRIDAY 25-JUL-2008 THURSDAY 23-OCT-2008 Matured
R176 90 TUESDAY 24-JUN-2008 WEDNESDAY 25-JUN-2008 TUESDAY 23-SEP-2008 Matured
R175 90 TUESDAY 22-APR-2008 WEDNESDAY 23-APR-2008 TUESDAY 22-JUL-2008 matured
R174 91 TUESDAY 18-MAR-2008 WEDNESDAY 19-MAR-2008 WEDNESDAY 18-JUN-2008 matured
R173 91 TUESDAY 15-JAN-2008 WEDNESDAY 16-APR-2008 SUNDAY 16-MAR-2008 Matured
R172 91 WEDNESDAY 12-DEC-2007 THURSDAY 13-DEC-2007 THURSDAY 13-MAR-2008 matured
R171 91 WEDNESDAY 28-NOV-2007 THURSDAY 29-NOV-2007 THURSDAY 28-FEB-2008 matured
R170 91 WEDNESDAY 31-OCT-2007 THURSDAY 01-NOV-2007 THURSDAY 31-JAN-2008 matured
R169 30 TUESDAY 25-SEP-2007 WEDNESDAY 26-SEP-2007 FRIDAY 26-OCT-2007
R168 91 WEDNESDAY 29-AUG-2007 THURSDAY 30-AUG-2007 THURSDAY 29-NOV-2007
R167 91 WEDNESDAY 25-JUL-2007 THURSDAY 26-JUL-2007 THURSDAY 25-OCT-2007 Not Issued
R166 91 WEDNESDAY 27-JUN-2007 THURSDAY 28-JUN-2007 THURSDAY 27-SEP-2007
R165 91 WEDNESDAY 30-MAY-2007 THURSDAY 31-MAY-2007 THURSDAY 30-AUG-2007 Not Issued
R164 91 WEDNESDAY 25-APR-2007 THURSDAY 26-APR-2007 THURSDAY 26-JUL-2007
R163 91 WEDNESDAY 28-MAR-2007 THURSDAY 29-MAR-2007 THURSDAY 28-JUN-2007 Not Issued
R162 91 WEDNESDAY 28-FEB-2007 THURSDAY 01-MAR-2007 THURSDAY 31-MAY-2007 Not Issued
R161 91 WEDNESDAY 31-JAN-2007 THURSDAY 01-FEB-2007 THURSDAY 03-MAY-2007
R160 91 WEDNESDAY 27-DEC-2006 THURSDAY 21-JUN-2007 THURSDAY 29-MAR-2007
R159 91 WEDNESDAY 29-NOV-2006 THURSDAY 30-NOV-2006 THURSDAY 01-MAR-2007
R158 91 WEDNESDAY 25-OCT-2006 THURSDAY 26-OCT-2006 THURSDAY 25-JAN-2007
R157 91 WEDNESDAY 27-SEP-2006 THURSDAY 28-SEP-2006 THURSDAY 28-DEC-2006 Not Issued
R156 91 WEDNESDAY 30-AUG-2006 THURSDAY 31-AUG-2006 THURSDAY 30-NOV-2006
R155 91 WEDNESDAY 26-JUL-2006 THURSDAY 27-JUL-2006 THURSDAY 26-OCT-2006 Not Issued
R154 91 WEDNESDAY 28-JUN-2006 THURSDAY 29-JUN-2006 THURSDAY 28-SEP-2006
R153 91 WEDNESDAY 31-MAY-2006 THURSDAY 01-JUN-2006 THURSDAY 31-AUG-2006 Not Issued
R152 91 WEDNESDAY 26-APR-2006 THURSDAY 27-APR-2006 THURSDAY 27-JUL-2006
R151 91 WEDNESDAY 29-MAR-2006 THURSDAY 30-MAR-2006 THURSDAY 29-JUN-2006 Not Issued
R150 91 WEDNESDAY 22-FEB-2006 THURSDAY 23-FEB-2006 THURSDAY 25-MAY-2006
R149 91 WEDNESDAY 25-JAN-2006 THURSDAY 26-JAN-2006 THURSDAY 27-APR-2006 Not Issued