The Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan would like to inform Local Manufacturing Industries on the amendment of Clause No. 21 (Import of permissible raw materials and capital goods) of the Foreign Exchange Operational Guidelines 2020.

The RMA during its 174th Board Meeting held on 27th May 2021 approved Local Manufacturing Industries that export Bhutanese origin products to utilize 100% of their Convertible Currency earnings for the import of raw materials from third countries. This facility is an enhancement from the existing limit of 80% and shall be applicable for convertible currency earned from January 2021. The facility shall be valid for a period of three years (December 2023) with immediate effect.

Annexure IV, Limits on Convertible Currency for Industries:

Particular Type (Industries) Source of Convertible Currency Existing Limit Revised Limit
Import of Raw Materials Local Manufacturing Industries Export of Bhutanese Origin Product 80 % 100%

For further clarification on the above clause, please contact the Department of Foreign Exchange and Reserve Management at 02-323111 (Ext-225) or via email at