Recruitment Reannouncement - 2022

In reference to the job vacancy announced by RMA on November 18, 2022 and as per the written examination conducted on December 15, 2022 the RMA would like to inform all the applicants that we have decided not to proceed further selection process, and re-announce and open up the vacancy once again. The decision was made to attract more potential candidates and have better choices. In this regard, HRD would like to inform all the applicants to follow RMA website and reapply for the position.


  1. The announcement will be made on later dates on RMA website and RMA Facebook page.
  2. Those applicants who have already applied are eligible to reapply again
  3. RMA will also accept new applicants
  4. For further queries, please contact HRD Section at +975-2-323111 (Ext. No. 232) during office hours or visit RMA website on