Launch of Bhutanese Living Abroad (BLA) Investment Initiative 09 October, 2023

To encourage and attract inward remittance and also investments in the country from the Bhutanese Living Abroad (BLA), the Royal Monetary Authority, in collaboration with the Financial Service Provider(s), formally launch a set of financial products and services. The initiative includes exclusive financial products and services tailor-made for the Bhutanese Living Abroad with the aim to start the creation of an eco-system for investment avenues for BLA in the Bhutanese economy.

Through the recently revamped RemitBhutan website,, they can now access a wide range of deposit, credit and other financial products at competitive interest rates, both deposits and lending. BNB is offering Foreign Currency Term Deposits at 5% p.a. for USD, AUD, JPY, EUR & GBP. Similarly, BOB is offering Foreign Currency Term Deposits at rates ranging from 3.45% p.a. to 5% p.a. and T bank Ltd is offering enhanced interest-bearing USD and AUD Foreign Currency Savings Deposits.

One of the highlights of the initiative is the launching of Royal Stock Exchange of Bhutan Ltd (RSEBL) ‘Bhutanese Living Abroad Securities Market Direct Trading Facility’, where BLAs can trade on the exchange in real time, directly through its mCAMS app, and without need of engaging brokers in Bhutan. To avail this facility, BLA are required to open an Investment account/Foreign Currency account with the Bank of Bhutan or Bhutan National Bank through RemitBhutan platform. For Ngultrum deposits by BLA, Bhutan National Bank Limited and T Bank Limited will now offer Ngultrum Term Deposits 0.5% higher than existing deposit rates based on the deposit tenure.

Recognizing the importance of streamlining financial services for BLA, RemitBhutan website has also been revamped by the RMA with an objective to make it more convenient and user friendly. This upgraded platform will serve as a one-stop solution for BLA to open Ngultrum, Foreign Currency and/or Investment accounts seamlessly and access a diverse range of financial products and information tailor made to their specific needs and preferences.

Key Benefits for Bhutanese Living Abroad:

  1. Diverse Financial Products: BLA members can choose from a wide variety of deposit, credit, and other financial products, all designed to provide financial flexibility and security.
  2. Attractive Interest Rates: The investment products offer competitive interest rates, ensuring that BLA can earn more from their savings and investments.
  3. Effortless Account Opening: The enhanced RemitBhutan website simplifies the account opening process, making it easy for BLA to access the services they need.
  4. Investment Opportunities: BLA can now invest in Bhutan`s vibrant securities market through the mCAMs platform, allowing them to participate in the country`s economic growth.
  5. Tailor-made Information: The RemitBhutan website provides BLA with valuable financial information and resources customized to their needs and financial goals.

The initiative is for greater inclusion and participation of Bhutanese Living Abroad in the economy - committed to provide efficient, accessible and competitive financial services for Bhutanese living abroad.

For more details, please visit the following links:

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