Launch of Access to Finance Demand Side Survey 2022 Report (26th December 2023)

The Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan recognized the importance of measuring financial inclusion and understanding the needs and demands of its people. To achieve this, we conducted the "Access to Finance: Demand Side Survey 2022." The main objective of this survey was to gather information about people`s livelihoods, income sources, and their current access to and utilization of financial services from formal financial institutions. Additionally, the survey aimed to identify the needs and demands of the population, including their perceptions of the quality of financial products and services.


We truly hope that the Access to Finance Demand Side Survey at the national level plays an important role in advancing our country’s economic transformation by facilitating and enabling innovative and collaborative solutions to address Bhutan’s financial inclusion gaps. The financial inclusion journey now begins with re-defined and reinforced roles of key stakeholders to collectively achieve financial inclusion objectives. We are pleased to present to the public the Access to Finance Demand Side Survey Report 2022.

The survey report was launched in the presence of RMA and the Financial Institutions. Please click here to view the publication.